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Computer Comforts is proud to be a Gold sponsor of FLEXspace — The Flexible Learning Environments eXchange – a free open educational resource to find inspiration, detailed examples, research and practical guidance for designing effective and innovative learning spaces. The FLEXspace collection contains hundreds of examples with images, videos, floor plans, and detailed specifications about furniture, technologies, and learning/assessment activities supported in each space. We are excited to be part of this growing global community of over 3,300 members from 1,100+ institutions in higher education, K-12, libraries, and museums, and to provide thought leadership on the FLEXspace Industry Advisory Council. Visit and join today! 



(The Interlocal Purchasing System)

Contract Number: 170302
Effective 5/24/2019 thru 5/22/2020

Commodity Category: Furniture

Contract Administrator: Vince Barletta
Contact Vince for contract details/pricing


NY State Contract

Contract Number: PC68401
Effective 12/02/2018 thru 12/01/2023

Commodity Category: Furniture, all types

Contract Administrator: Chris Kolavo
Contact Chris for contract details/pricing



Contract Number: GS-28F-0006M
Effective 11/5/2011 thru 11/4/2021

Contract Administrator: Jason Giddens
Contact Jason for contract details/pricing

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North Carolina State

Contract Number: STC 420A
Effective 7/1/2019 thru 6/30/2022

Commodity Category: Furniture

Contract Administrator: Jim McGraw
Contact Jim for contract details/pricing



(California Multiple Award Schedule)

Contract Number: 4-13-71-0110B
Effective 5/26/2017 thru 2/28/2022

Commodity Category: Furniture- Audio Visual, Classroom, Computer Worktables, Lecterns, Library

Contract Administrator: Chad Asay
Contact Chad for contract details/pricing


Green Initiatives

At Computer Comforts, going Green is not a fad. It is an ongoing effort to improve processes with the understanding that change and investment now, mean a better future for all.

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(Consortium of College and University Media Centers)

CCUMC, Consortium of College and University Media Centers, is a dynamic organization whose mission is to provide leadership and a forum for information exchange. Our members are the providers of media and technology support for quality teaching and learning at higher education institutions. The over 750 members represent all sizes of institutions in higher education that provide media/instructional technology-related support services, as well as companies providing related products.


BuyBoard Cooperative Purchasing

Contract Number 584-19
Effective 4/1/2019 thru 3/31/2020

Commodity Category: School, Office, Science, Library & Dormitory Furniture

Contract Administrator: Vince Barletta
Contact Vince for contract details/pricing



EDUCAUSE is a nonprofit association whose mission is to advance higher education by promoting the intelligent use of information technology. EDUCAUSE helps those who lead, manage, and use information resources to shape strategic decisions at every level. A comprehensive range of resources and activities is available to all interested employees at EDUCAUSE member organizations, with special opportunities open to designated member representatives.



(Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium)
MHEC Contract #C07: Furniture

The Massachusetts Higher Education Purchasing Consortium (“MHEC”) was established under Massachusetts State Law to provide efficiencies and cost savings to institutions of higher education. With a recent change to MHEC’s bylaws, membership in MHEC is now open to public and private colleges and universities, not for profit charter, technical and vocational schools, municipalities, including elementary and secondary schools and not for profit educational organizations located in New England (Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut and Rhode Island).

Contract Administrator: Chris Kolavo
Contact Chris for contract details/pricing


League for Innovation

The League is an international organization dedicated to catalyzing the community college movement. We host conferences and institutes, develop Web resources, conduct research, produce publications, provide services, and lead projects and initiatives with our member colleges, corporate partners, and other agencies in our continuing efforts to make a positive difference for students and communities.


Choice Partners National Purchasing Cooperative

Contract Number 19/033MJ
Effective 5/15/2019 thru 5/14/2020

Commodity Category: Furniture, Fixtures, Equipment (FFE) and Related Items.

Contract Administrator: Vince Barletta
Contact Vince for contract details/pricing