Take a Sneak Peek at UW's New Testing Center


The University of Washington has created an amazing testing center which will be opening the Fall of 2019. Although "form over function" is often the rule, these labs are both functional and beautiful. The University selected CCI's patented Hide-Away table to allow for both paper and computer-based testing.


As you can see in the animation below, the LCD can be raised and lowered. This “hide-away” feature is great for paper testing. Although this patented table design has been in production for nearly 18 years, this was our first project using this table in a testing center. The “custom” leg mounted privacy panel will soon be added to our standard product-line.

Computer Comforts has been creating multi-use learning environments since 1987. The addition of these leg-mounted privacy panels has allowed us to expand into the testing center. By eliminating the need for an enclosed back panel, the test proctor has a clear view of the student’s desktop. In addition, this design also allows the university to schedule instructor-led classes into the same classroom. You will no longer need to dedicate a space for testing only! This is a BIG deal if your campus has limited real estate like most.