UNT Discovers Affordable Solutions for Transforming Small Spaces


The University of North Texas contacted Computer Comforts when it was time for a furniture upgrade on their Denton, Texas campus. Creating functional group study rooms was a top priority for their College of Engineering. In addition, they were also looking for power charging solutions for student lounge areas. 

Although CCI is primarily known for our classroom and computer lab furniture, we also offer a wide variety of specialty furniture for unique niche applications. After 30+ years of designing tables for the education market, we’ve seen it all. 

What UNT is calling a group study room, many colleges refer to as a huddle room. These are usually small spaces located in a library or Learning Resource Center. Regardless of what you call them, these private rooms are for small groups (4-6) to meet and collaborate on team projects. CCI designed the Collaborative Bullet Table for this specific function. The table pictured below measures 72”W x 48”D. As you can see, this small footprint will comfortably seat 6 students (about $1365 with power). 


Tabletop can be customized to accommodate power/data or switching systems (Extron, Crestron, etc.). This table includes an electronics bay with a hinged door below, which is a great place to mount hardware (CPU, switch, modem). This bay is also nice for cable management. We often use the same table design in large open active learning labs

UNT was also looking for a power charging solution to use in some of their student lounge areas. CCI’s PowerBar was a good fit! We designed this unit to be standing height with surface mounted power plugs for mobile devices and laptops. Backpack hooks and foot bar are standard features (about $575 with power). 


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