Power Lift AV



This sturdy, space-saving height-adjustable computer table operates with push button controls (up/down), and features a unique, ‘on-board’ suspended/lockable rack and storage cabinet on the rear portion of the table. With a condensed overall table footprint of only 40”W x 32”D, and by including this ‘on-board’ cabinet, valuable classroom real estate is saved since a separate independent component cabinet is no longer needed (in most cases). The height range of adjustment also makes this a perfect solution for “sit-to-stand” requirements (25”H-47”H), and also meets ADA protocols, making it a wheelchair-friendly solution for faculty.

The built-on storage cabinet features 10U of rack mountable space (12”D) inside, separated by a windowed center divider from an adjacent open storage cubby, a perfect space for a mid-tower or a small form factor CPU. There is a louvered steel locking hinged door on the rear, and a screw-on louvered cover on the front (or Instructor side) of the cabinet. This keeps computer equipment and components safely stored inside. Optional accessories like cable grommet cut-outs, a keyboard/mouse drawer or monitor arm can be added to this unit to keep the surface uncluttered and cables properly managed.


  • AV cabinet with 10 rack spaces (12” deep).

  • Full modesty panel.

  • 25”H - 47”H range of adjustment.

  • Rear vented door. Includes locks.



Power-lift electric table with 3-stage leg 40W x 32D table top with full modesty panel. Also includes a rear mounted AV cabinet with 10 rack units (12”D). The cabinet has front and rear rack rails with a locking metal rear access door. Cooling fan is optional.






Paint (Modesty Panel)


Paint (Legs and AV Cabinet)