City Tech Discovers an Innovative Table to Solve Line-of-Sight Issues


As LCD prices continue to drop, large displays are becoming more common in the classroom. Faculty often complain that making eye contact with students is now nearly impossible. New York City College of Technology solved this problem by using CCI’s Recessed LCD tables. As you can see in the City Tech photos below, this table works great with 27” iMacs.


It wasn’t long ago that your standard issue classroom LCD was 17” or 19”. Today it has become very common to see 27” displays. Although these large screens are very nice for student comfort, they often create a new set of problems. Students are struggling to see over the tops of these large displays and faculty are complaining the students are “hiding behind their monitors.”

Computer Comforts designed the Recessed LCD table to solve these problems. Actually, this is not entirely true. We originally designed this table in 1992 for an engineer at Shell Oil who wore bi-focal glasses. He was experiencing neck pain from tilting his head back in order to see the display thru the bottom of his glasses. The recessed monitor table was soon born. Shortly after this table was delivered, Shell’s computer training manager saw the table and began purchasing them for all their classrooms. Fast forward 27 years and this innovative table is still one of our best sellers in the education market!


As you can see in the photo above, a 2-student design is also available. Computer Comforts takes great pride in being the best value in the tech-furniture industry. For example, the 36” single student table pictured at City Tech sell for about $380. Contact our office today for help planning your next classroom.