UH Solves Classroom Design Challenge with a Unique Table Solution


Many colleges are faced with the challenge of creating flexible classrooms, driven by the need to satisfy a wide variety of teaching styles. The University of Houston chose the versatile Koi Table as their ideal solution. Louis Evans, who serves as Academic Affairs Liaison to Information Technology for matters related to the delivery of instruction, was a key decision maker for these classroom designs. Louis said, “these tables were any easy choice, being both functional and affordable” (Koi tables sell for about $279).

Classrooms offering mobile tables have a huge advantage compared to fixed seating. UH was trying to meet the needs of some of the more popular teaching methods (active learning, collaboration, SCALE-UP, Flipped, etc.), while still allowing the faculty to give a traditional lecture. As you can see in the photos below, this unique shaped top allows for a wide variety of configurations, including traditional rows.


The most popular groupings are illustrated below. By adding locking wheels, these tables can be quickly reconfigured to accommodate large or small groups.

The Koi table is part of CCI’s AdapTable Series. As you can see in this video clip, we offer a wide variety of top sizes and shapes (square, round, triangle, trapezoid, Home plate, etc.).

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