Lamar State College Successfully Combines Old and New Technologies


As part of their Workforce Development Program, Lamar State College - Port Arthur was faced with the challenge of sharing their old-school drafting classrooms with the high-tech CAD classes. An innovative table design has allowed the college to seamlessly combine the two.

As many colleges struggle with limited space and tight budgets, multi-use classrooms are becoming a necessity. This is especially true for colleges offering technical education through Work Force Development programs. These spaces need to support a wide variety of instruction ranging from welding and carpentry to drafting and computer-aided-design.

“I was looking for a solution that would combine the pencil/paper drafting with our computer-based training. The Computer Comforts’ CAD-Drafting table was a perfect fit. We love these tables!”

-Sheila Guillot, Chair of the Business and Industrial Technology Department at Lamar State College

This table was designed to fit a small footprint, usually 42W” x 30D”. The table top can be positioned flat for a traditional computer lab or tilted for comfortable drafting and viewing of maps, drawings, charts, or plots. A CPU holder, keyboard arm, and LCD arm are popular accessories. The LCD arm can also support all-in-one computers. If using an AIO, the CPU holder is not necessary.

Go to CAD-Drafting page for more detail.

These workforce development programs play an important role in communities nationwide by helping retrain the workforce for the ever-changing job market. Computer Comforts specializes in creating these multi-purpose environments to assist your college with the challenges that lie ahead.

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